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Piazza di Spagna

Piazza Del Popolo & Shopping District

Only 2,2 kilometers from Jacuzzi Rooms

about 20 minutes walking

or 5 minutes by metro (stop SPAGNA line A)

Fontana di Trevi

Piazza Barberini

Only 2,6 kilometers from Jacuzzi Rooms

about 25 minutes walking

or 10 minutes by metro (stop BARBERINI line A)

Pantheon & Piazza Navona

Historical Centre

Only 1,9 kilometers from Jacuzzi Rooms

about 15 minutes walking

or 20 minutes by metro (stop BARBERINI line A)

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Altare della Patria (Vittoriano)

Piazza Venezia & Fori Imperiali

Only 3 kilometers from Jacuzzi Rooms

about 30 minutes walking

or 15 minutes by metro (stop CAVOUR line B)


& Imperial Roman Forum

Only 3,9 kilometers from Jacuzzi Rooms

about 35 minutes walking

or 15 minutes by metro (stop COLOSSEO line B)

St. Peter Cathedral

& Vatican Museum

Only 400 meters from Jacuzzi Rooms

less of 5 minutes walking

No metro needs

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